Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lake Benbrook Half Marathon

Oh man, talk about worried. Here's how all this came about...

My friend Elizabeth talked me into signing up for the Benbrook Half on Jan 31st a long time ago. I figured why not, it would help get me motivated to start back with run training again. Well, on Jan 30th, I realized I still hadn't done squat for training! I had only ran a total of 17 miles for the entire month of January, and to top it off, here was the course description I was given for Benbrook: "the hills start before mile 1 and end after mile 12." Needless to say, I was a bit worried about just jumping in and running this.

My goals (in progressive order so that I must complete the first to move onto the next):
1. Don't get injured
2. Finish...seriously
3. Finish without walking
4. Negative split (2nd half faster than first half)

The race is great; where else can you do a half marathon for only $15? The views and scenery were really nice and they weren't kidding about the hills. One of the hilliest runs I've ever done. But I'm happy to say that despite my lack of training, I accomplished all 4 of my goals. The best part is that I actually am back running again since then and am really having fun doing it. My time was a good 20+ minutes slower than my PR and placing was not good, but c'est la vie. I had a lot of fun at this race.

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